THE story



The Story


Five years ago, we started designing a luxury bag for men: a perfect balance of form and function.


We wanted to use high end materials without the bag looking overly technical, so we made several prototypes. Then we put them to the test: from the daily city commute through rain, snow and thieves to long-haul flights to Asia in hand luggage and the infamous cargo hold. They survived it all.




Goodspeed Mk2



As you can imagine, there have been been a fair few 'if onlys' over the last five years.




To start with, we enjoyed the excellent security of our bag's secure pockets. However, whilst rushing through terminals and turnstiles, we soon discovered the need to quickly access our phone, passport and so on. We've now added extra pockets to the back of the bag; they're easy to dip into at a moment's notice, but still hidden away from prying hands.




Our original Goodspeed Bag had brass-plated trims. However, as the bags endured years of hard use, these trims eventually started to show signs of wear. Our solution was straightforward: to replace them with solid brass trims, which are extremely robust and capable of withstanding everything we can throw at them.




On soggy and snowy London mornings, we found few things more irritating than not being able to put our bag down in the slush. It wasn't just the contents we were afraid of damaging; our real fear was tarnishing the bag's material.


To protect both the inside and outside of our bag, we have reinforced the bottom half with stain, water and rip-resistant kevlar. Even the dirtiest puddles now simply bounce off! We have also added solid brass feet to the bag, to stabilise it and stop it tipping over on jostling public transport .




Our final amendment to the bag was adding swivel clips to the strap, to make it far more articulate. Now we can hurry around the busiest city or airport terminal without our bag ever slipping off our shoulder.




After 5 years of testing and enhancing, we at Godspeed Goods believe we have finally created a men's luxury bag that is the perfect balance of form and function.


This bag has been made 'for your journey' and we invite you to test it for yourself.

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